Proposition 3 is a water bond on the November ballot.  It would provide safe drinking water for disadvantaged communities; a safe, clean and reliable water supply; and increased drought resilience for California.

California bonds are extremely attractive to investors, in part because the state is now spending a very small fraction (less than 4%) of its general fund on bond debt service.  Now is a perfect time to sell more California bonds, with interest rates of two percent or less.

By the end of 2019, all the funds from previous water bonds will have been allocated.  We cannot afford to wait until 2020 or later to continue our investment in California water. Shortages on the Colorado River loom, and most of the last decade has been dry in California.

California no longer invests in vital infrastructure though the general fund. Bonds for hospitals, parks, water, housing, transportation and other purposes are the only general fund investments California makes in infrastructure.

Fortunately, water is one of the few remaining non-partisan issues.  In addition to broad support among Democratic elected officials, including Senator Feinstein, GOP candidate for Governor John Cox supports Proposition 3.  So do GOP elected officials such as Congressman Valadao and Assembly Member Patterson.  A motion to support Proposition 3 by the resolutions committee of the California Republican party failed by only one vote.  The party took no position.  The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association does not oppose Proposition 3.

California uses about 32 million acre feet of water per year.  An acre foot can supply 2 families with water for a year, or irrigate a third of an acre.  Proposition 3 will provide more than 1.5 million acre feet of new water through repair of dams and canals, wastewater recycling, desalting and other proven methods of water production.

Water is the lifeblood of California agriculture.  This is the most ag-friendly water bond ever proposed.  That’s why it is supported by the California Farm Bureau Federation, Agricultural Council of California, Western Growers and dozens of commodity groups, irrigation districts, and local Farm Bureaus, as well as agricultural suppliers and Resource Conservation Districts.

The business community is fully on board with Proposition 3.  Supporters include the California Chamber of Commerce, Biz Fed Los Angeles County, Biz Fed Central Valley, Business Roundtable, California Building Industry Association, California Business Properties Association, California Manufacturers and Technology Association, East Bay Leadership Council, Valley Industry and Commerce Association, Bay Area Council, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, North Bay Leadership Council, Orange County Business Council and many leading local chambers of commerce, such as Los Angeles and San Diego.

YES on Proposition 3 for a clean, safe and reliable water supply.