Michael Bloomberg has one strong California constituency: our politicians. 

As governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger very much enjoyed the wisdom and company of “Bloomie.” 

Now, with Bloomberg running for president, he is gaining praise from some of our most progressive politicians, with a real love fest from mayors. L.A.’s Eric Garcetti and Stockton’s Michael Tubbs have been full of praise. 

And now two Bay Area mayors—San Francisco’s London Breed and San Jose’s Sam Liccardo—have endorsed him, to the horror of some progressives. 

Good for them, and good for Bloomie.

And maybe good for the Democrats. The top of the Democratic polls is full of people who haven’t done much governing. It’s two current senators—Sanders and Warren—and a former senator—Joe Biden. Pete Buttigieg governed a very small city. 

But Bloomberg governed both a multinational corporation and our nation’s largest city. Perhaps governors and mayors appreciate it. If only Democratic voters felt the same.