The Tracker is Back!

In it’s 7th iteration, and always improving, we are excited to launch the PDI absentee ballot return tracker for California. Check it out at this link.

A few things we’ve updated for this cycle:

:: The graphics are cleaner and should load faster.  We hope the tracker will work better under the heavy loads we have experienced in the past.

:: The geographic and other filters are hidden under the “find my data” button in the upper right hand corner. This “hamburger button” is where you can hone into a district or type of voter to filter the whole database.

:: We have added a new feature where you can subscribe to a district, county, city, or other geography and get an emailed PDF report every night. If you know what district or city you want, please go to this link and select it!  You should get your first update overnight, fresh for you to look at tomorrow morning.

:: The shading now shows precinct-level percentage of the vote returned, and you can hover over any precinct with your mouse to get more detail.




















Of course, we also have a pro-tip for those watching the Democratic Primary. Among the filters available at the top (via the hamburger button) there is one for “Partisan Ballot” and if you select “Dem Ballot” you will see everyone who is either a Democrat, or a non-partisan who successfully requested a Democratic ballot. As I write this, the counts are a pretty sad with just 357,000 out of 4.1 million independents who were mailed ballots.  That’s just 9% – the same figure we saw and I wrote about a month ago.

A close observer will see that there are 8,500 Republicans with Dem ballots and think “how can this be?” This is actually people who have re-registered, and we know they have Dem ballots, but their complete new registration hasn’t come across the transom yet. These will have their registrations updated, but before that is even completed, PDI clients will know they got a Democratic ballot!

If you have any questions, please email me at .