Is It Too Early to Talk About the 2022 Governor’s Race?

With the 2020 election now ended already the 2022 California election is getting attention so I may as well jump in and take a look at the governor’s race. Conjecturing about a political campaign so far in the future and basing some of the thinking on current circumstances is not political science. But as long […]

Eric Garcetti’s Rocky Road

The political road can suddenly turn from smooth to rocky and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has lately hit a lot of bumps. That may keep him from an opportunity to move into the new Democratic administration in Washington. Perception is an important ingredient in measuring politicians and when those around the politician are charged […]

New LA County Virus Lockdown; Going to the Dogs

New coronavirus restrictions go into effect in Los Angeles County today and I’m left wondering if I can walk my dog in the park with other dog walkers. Coronavirus restrictions are more complicated than they appear at first blush; certainly more challenging for the populace that is supposed to obey them than for the bureaucrats […]

Feinstein Steps Down; A Sign the Political Divide is Still Wide

What to make of California Senator Dianne Feinstein stepping down from potential chairmanship or ranking-member position in the Senate Judiciary Committee? Democratic Party progressives will claim victory by forcing Feinstein from a leadership role because of heavy criticism against the way she conducted herself during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh and Amy […]

Major Issue Behind Prop 15 Ignored During Campaign

An expensive, high profile proposition campaign was played out over many months leading to the November election and nary a word was spoken by either side on one of the chief underlying reasons that the measure existed. In large part, Proposition 15, the business property tax increase, was about public employee pensions. Pension costs are […]

Exclusive! Revised French Laundry Menu for Privileged Guests

I imagined a revised special menu for The French Laundry restaurant after the brouhaha involving Gov. Gavin Newsom’s multi-homeowner gathering to celebrate the birthday of lobbyist and Newsom advisor Jason Kinney.  The French Laundry  Chef’s Tasting Menu (REVISED) November 2020    “OYSTERS AND PEARLS” “Sabayon” of Pearl Tapioca with Island Creek Oysters and Regiis Ova […]

Will Legislature Move to Curb Initiatives and Referendums?

Elections returns show that Democrats have strengthened their position in the California legislature while voters expressed disillusion with Democratic leadership by rejecting a number of statewide ballot measures put on the ballot by the legislature, or endorsed by many legislative majority members, or rejected laws passed by the legislature. So, what’s the new legislative majority […]

Emergency Brake Pulled for Business Re-openings and Also for Government Revenue

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he is pulling the “emergency brake” in his plan to confront the coronavirus sending many California counties to the lowest tier for reopening the economy. This effort to stall the spread of the Covid-19 virus will also serve as an anchor on job and economic growth as well as revenue […]

The Governor is Not a King

Governor Gavin Newsom has wielded unchecked power throughout the pandemic with the use of executive orders. Unchecked until now, that is. On Friday, Superior Court Judge Sarah H. Heckman issued a permanent injunction declaring that Governor Gavin Newsom’s use of executive orders when they amend or create law is unconstitutional. It seems a pattern of […]