Green Chemistry Regulations Focused on Chemicals & Products of Highest Concern

In his Fox & Hounds Daily blog post Sept. 22, Jim Conran, president of Consumers Union, asks a critical and important question about California’s emerging Safer Consumer Products initiative.  Will consumers and businesses actually be better off as a result of this groundbreaking new approach?

He couldn’t be more right in his reasoning that California is taking a significant step forward in the way consumer products are designed and manufactured. And we agree fully with his case for a common-sense regulatory approach as it unfolds in coming years. The fundamental goal of our initiative is to reduce or eliminate harmful chemical ingredients in consumer products where there is the greatest exposure and harm.

In his concerns, however, about the state’s proposed regulatory process to bring about a shift to safer products, Mr. Conran overlooks one thing: The state’s regulation is designed to accomplish precisely the pinpoint approach that he seeks.