Reclaiming Our State Government

Co-Host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Law Business Insider

2010 could be the year of Citizen Power.  This could be the year when we begin to
fight back against the bitter partisan politics of organized political parties
in California.

Californians are angry because we recognize the winds of
partisan self-interest have eroded Citizen Power.  Not since the days of Governor Hiram Johnson, who in 1911
successfully championed Citizen Power through enactment of referendum, recall
and initiative to overcome the power of the special-interests of the day — the
railroads – have the people been as angry. Our frustration with partisan
politics is evident as the ranks of "Decline-to-State" registered voters have
swelled to almost twenty-one percent of all voters.

Citizen Power is not supposed to be just a catchphrase or a
mere truism. The California Constitution says "All political power is inherent
in the people."  There is no
equivalent phrase in the Federal Constitution. The hardy pioneers intended for
California to be more populist than the Federal Government. But the political
parties have managed to wrest power from us in spite of the guarantee of this
"Popular Sovereignty Provision."

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