Governor and Democrats Intent on Raising Taxes

Majority Democrats have made it increasingly obvious that they are intent on raising taxes on hardworking Californians. In the clearest sign yet, the Governor released a draft transportation funding plan on Thursday, which includes a $65 fee on vehicle owners, an 11-cent increase in the diesel tax, and a 6-cent increase in the gas tax. This […]

Budget Transparency Will Make California Accountable

The next time you’re in the state capitol, come visit the Assembly
Chamber and look for the assembly motto. It declares: "Legislatorum est justas
leges condere," Latin for, "It is the duty of the legislature to enact just

This noble pronouncement, the guiding rule passed down from our
California forefathers, is a conclusion drawn from an inferred understanding of
the meaning of justice. What, then, is justice?

This question – What is justice? – is the driving question in the
history of politics. It is the purpose of government to answer this question correctly.
More importantly, it is government’s responsibility to see that justice is
rendered to each citizen.