Extremist Proposals will not help California’s economy get back on its feet

It doesn’t take long reading this site to see how our society is absorbing three crises: COVID-19, the economic meltdown and the long-overdue move for racial equality. What those crises have wrought is job loss, overriding fear, educational disruption and in some cases, overblown rhetoric. We see that rhetoric surrounding radical environmental change and new […]

Sustained Environmental Improvement Requires Total Stakeholder Engagement

As we marked the 48th Earth Day, it is with the knowledge that tremendous progress has been made to address many of our most serious and chronic environmental challenges. While we celebrated this progress, we know that there is more we can do while still sustaining the economy, creating jobs, and expanding economic opportunity to diverse […]

Media Coverage of California Fuel Markets is Off the Mark

Tom Elias’s recent column on California gasoline markets repeats a number of preposterous and unsubstantiated allegations and misses the mark entirely in providing his readers any insights into the recent volatility of gas prices in California. There is ample evidence a short term supply shortage in Southern California has resulted in a supply/demand imbalance.  Those generally […]

No Evidence Hydraulic Fracturing Hurts the Environment Says Report

The release of the California Council on Science & Technology study of hydraulic fracturing is another important step in the implementation of the state’s comprehensive hydraulic fracturing regulations. The science-based findings of the CCST report stand in sharp contrast to much of the inflammatory and inaccurate commentary offered by anti-oil organizations about hydraulic fracturing and oil […]

LA Time Gets It Wrong – Again – on Sumps Issue

Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published an article about a number of sumps – or ponds – that exist in oil production regions in the lower San Joaquin Valley.  It’s an important issue but certainly not the scandal portrayed in the Time’s inaccurate report. The members of the Western States Petroleum Association are aware the […]

Mandates to Force Reductions in Gasoline Unrealistic

The Western States Petroleum Association is strongly opposed to legislative or regulatory mandates designed to force a 50 percent reduction in gasoline and diesel use in California by 2030. Mandates to force reductions in gasoline use are not climate change policies.  They are attacks on an important industry in California designed to create conflict and […]

Hydraulic Fracturing Major Contributor to CA’s Economic and Energy Future

The release of the draft EIR on Well Stimulation Operations marks an important milestone in meeting the deadlines set by Senate Bill 4. WSPA and our members are reviewing the details of the draft EIR and will continue to participate in workshops and public discussion regarding SB 4. While we are pleased with the state’s […]

Californians Deserve To Hear More From Sacramento on Cap and Trade Expansion

It is good to hear a public dialogue is occurring on the vast expansion of California’s cap-and-trade system coming January 1, 2015, when gasoline and diesel used by millions of consumers and businesses will be regulated for the first time under the state’s cap and trade program. According to economic analysis by the California Air […]

Irrational Attack on Hydraulic Fracturing by LA City Council Members

Irrational and completely unfounded opposition to hydraulic fracturing reached a new and disturbing low yesterday when members of the Los Angeles City Council attempted to link an earthquake in the Los Angeles area to hydraulic fracturing. It does not surprise us that the handful of extremist environmental organizations that are attempting to shut down all […]

The Trouble with CEQA: A Case Study

We should count ourselves lucky to live in a state that has so much to offer. Not only is California known for its rich and vast environmental heritage, it also currently ranks as the 9th largest economy in the world, fostering innovation and serving as the backdrop for countless entrepreneurial success stories. Our Golden State […]