There’s a Better Way

The Legislature is back in session after a summer hiatus. They’ve come back to some daunting challenges, many of those of their own making. One of those challenges is what to do about California’s (in)famous Global Warming Solutions Act, otherwise known as AB32. One key piece is SB32 which, among other things seeks to extend […]

Local Air District Control at Risk of Political Cronyism

To hear certain politicians, interest groups and newspaper columnists describe it recent decisions by the South Coast Air Quality Management District Board will condemn Southlanders to a return to 1970s levels smog with dire consequences to life and health.  This is highly unlikely for a number of reasons. Regarding the specific issues: first there’s the […]

Bio-Oil Mandate? More Pain, No Gain

There’s an old saying:  if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  In California, we seem to have an addiction to believing that if a new “green” product sounds good, it must be good. But ironically, its success can only be achieved through a legislative requirement. Never mind actual performance. Such is […]