Becerra’s Problems with Senate Confirmation

Gov. Gavin Newsom best not plan to appoint a new attorney general too quickly because there is a very distinct possibility that current Attorney General Xavier Becerra, nominated to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, will not be confirmed by the US Senate. Thus far Senate Republicans have been fairly restrained about President-elect Biden’s […]

Is Gavin Newsom Vulnerable?

November was not a good mouth for Gov. Gavin Newsom.  He was ridiculed for his $350 dinner at Napa’s French Laundry while he was shutting down restaurants for the rest of us.  His children attend private school while public schools are shut down.  His employment department is sending federal bailout checks to convicted murderers. But […]

Nancy Pelosi – Victim Of The October Surprise

The biggest surprise of election night was not Donald Trump losing, but the failure of House and Senate Democrats to make any gains, the “blue wave” that wasn’t.  And no one was a bigger loser than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who returns to Washington with a reduced Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, a […]

A Tale of Two Fires

“Greatest Fire in History Ravages Napa County” read the headline in the St. Helena Star.  Only this was not the terrible 2017 fires, nor the August 2020 fire, nor the devastating Glass Fire just controlled.  It was the Hanley Fire, and headline is from the Star for September 16, 1964. It is a lesson, Napa […]

Dianne Feinstein and Court Packing

These are not good times for California’s senior senator Dianne Feinstein.  Prominent Democrats want her replaced as ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They blame her for interjecting religion into the 2017 confirmation of Supreme Court pick Amy Comey Barrett, and they do not want her leading the confirmation battle against Barrett this time. […]

California Democrats And Communism

California Democrats seem to have a problem with communists.  Rep. Karen Bass of Los Angeles was on the Biden short list for vice president until her praise of “commandante Fidel” came out, and Democrats fearing the loss of anti-Castro Florida dropped her from contention.  That was followed by the bizarre praise of communist leader Ho […]

The Phony Arguments Against Mail Voting

“Take some deep breaths and prepare to wait for election results,” advises Ellen Weintraub, former chair of the Federal Election Commission.  Given the enormous volume of mail in ballots expected this November, it is quite possible the winners will not be known on Election Night. But there will be no problem determining the President in […]

Taking Down Kamala

Democrats are well aware of their long history of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory; you can ask President Dukakis, President Gore, President Kerry and of course President Hillary Clinton all about it.  Now with Joe Biden on the cusp of what looks like an easy win, many Democrats are working full time to […]

Is Kamala Harris Fading In The Veep Chase

Practically every analysis of Joe Biden’s choice for vice president ranks California Sen. Kamala Harris at or near the top.  She checks the most race and gender boxes in the Democratic search for Biden’s running mate, and yet there is a sense that she may be fading in the stretch. The best evidence of that […]

The Coming Battle Over Affirmative Action

California will have another battle over “affirmative action” this fall when the legislature puts a measure on the ballot to repeal Proposition 209, the 1996 ban on affirmative action.  While proponents claim this is an effort to redress low numbers of “underrepresented minorities” in California higher education, the impact will be to reduce the number […]