Based upon a rough count, there are 436 pending measures on the Assembly and Senate Floors (292 on Senate Floor and 144 on Assembly Floor) as of this Monday’s floor session (August 28).

In addition, there are about 511 pending measures in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees (347 in Senate and 164 in Assembly). These figures are for measures being heard next week, followed by those on the Suspense Files.

There are 19 measures pending in other committees (14 in Senate and 5 in Assembly).

So, there are roughly 966 measures to be acted upon during the final three weeks of Session.

In terms of bills acted upon by the Governor as of last Friday:

He has signed 181 bills and vetoed 11, for a total of 192 bills acted upon so far. This is a veto rate of 5.7%.

Finally, there are several dozen bills that are pending in engrossing and enrolling, or that have been sent to the Governor under the 12-day window.