A new way of life has come to America and Los Angeles.  It is caused by the Coronavirus.  It has devastated countless lives and restricted our Freedoms and Liberties and our Pursuit of Happiness.   

All of our lives have drastically changed in the past month.  It does not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor or working or homeless or a celebrity or just taking care of your family and home – schooling your children and paying your bills.  Many of us have come to appreciate the freedoms and liberties we once took for granted.

 We are now locked down in our residence and not venturing out to casually shop or enjoy a meal with a friend at a sit-down restaurant.  We can no longer go to a theatre and enjoy eating popcorn, candy and drinking a soda.  I bet you don’t have to think that far back to remember the good old days.  We are now isolated from most of society and worried about when we can find that basic product we could always find at the market without a problem….TOILET PAPER and PAPER TOWELS! 

 We question how life has dramatically changed in such a short time from something we can’t see.  It is like watching a science fiction movie.  This THING happens upon our planet and begins to make people sick and many die from the invisible virus.    What ever happened to the Freedom and Liberties we once enjoyed living in our free society?  They have all creped away overnight.  Now we have to practice SOCIAL DISTANCING and wear a mask and gloves when we venture in public to purchase food, medicine or other essential items that are available at those few stores that are permitted to remain open. 

 We now have to wait in line to enter a store and stand 6 feet apart and make sure that people don’t breathe on us.  There are plastic barriers separating us from the cashier at markets and other locations open during the lockdown.  No more handshakes or hugs when we see friends.  It is truly a new way of life for all.

 Restaurants that have been meeting places for years are all closed except take-out.  Most of them are struggling to remain in business.  Workers have been sent home and trying to collect unemployment while dealing with the challenges of the Department of Employment.  Owners are having trouble paying  bills.  It is truly a situation none of us could ever imagine.  55% of L.A. county residents no longer have a job or paycheck.  The stock market was climbing and is now down and continuing to fall.  We were planning summer vacations with families and friends.  The reservations have been cancelled while Vegas is shut down along with airlines scratching flights.           

 Our children were looking forward to graduation from elementary, high school and college.  They were looking forward to enjoying all the parties and the graduation ceremony and traditional “walk” to receive the diploma.  All lost in the shadow of the pandemic that has turned our lives upside down. 

While life has changed and we are all adjusting, we need to know that there is Hope for better times ahead.  Be patient and know that this will pass and happy times will return to our lives and another interesting story will be written in the history of America……   

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Sheriff Alex Villanueva has authorized the release of over 4,000 inmates from the county jail due to COVID – 19.  The impact on our communities is unknown.  Will crime increase and will you be safe?  Use caution when at home.