Election Security

As time ticks toward Election Day, there is much anticipation throughout America.  From coast to coast Americans of all political parties have been voting for the next President of the United States and other candidates and measurers the past few days.  Republicans and Democrats and all the other political parties listed in your ballot.  Political […]

Mental Illness and Drug Abuse are not police functions

I joined the LAPD in 1968 and served for 33 years before retiring and moving onto a political career as an elected L.A. City Councilman.  Now, I look back at my experiences and compare them to what is happening today in America and in particular Los Angeles.  The LAPD has come under attack from certain […]

Corruption at City Hall

With FBI Investigations into L.A. City Hall corruption involving elected and appointed officials and developers, and the recent arrests of two veteran Council Members, one might believe there are additional investigations brewing at City Hall.    With an annual salary of nearly $214,000 along with many perks, one might think that only people with the core […]

Complying with the Oath of Office for an Elected Los Angeles City Official

Some of us have witnessed an elected L.A. City Officials sworn-in to serve in public office.  Either in person or via media.  There is all the pomp and circumstance that follows the election and then the work begins.  I remember my entry into the political arena and the Oath I truly believed in and with […]

When it Comes to the Justice System, It is Time for Sobering Reality

It really does not matter if you like or dislike President Trump or Former Vice – President Joe Biden.  What really matters is what is happening across America and in particular California and the City of Los Angeles.   Let me begin with the Judicial Branch of Government as it impacts all  people of the Golden […]

Los Angeles Against the Police

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who called Police Officers “KILLERS” and City Councilmembers responded to the demands of protestors and rioters and slashed $150 Million Dollars from the 2020-2021 LAPD budget.  L.A. Taxpaying residents and business owners were ignored by city officials who continue to permit the city to turn more neighborhoods into homeless camps […]

Police Deserve More Respect

As a 50 plus year sworn member of the Los Angeles Police Department, which is recognized as one of the most professional law enforcement agencies in the world; and a life-long resident of Los Angeles; a former Vice – Chair of the Elected Charter Reform Commission and a 12 year elected member of the Los […]

Impatient With the Lockdown

People are getting restless and compliance with directives given by elected officials are wearing thin on law-abiding members of a once FREE and Liberated American Society. We have all witnessed the recent changing attitudes of our family members, neighbors and friends.  The attitude that Enough is Enough with the government lockdown that makes us all […]

Adjusting to a New Way of Life

A new way of life has come to America and Los Angeles.  It is caused by the Coronavirus.  It has devastated countless lives and restricted our Freedoms and Liberties and our Pursuit of Happiness.    All of our lives have drastically changed in the past month.  It does not matter if you are young or old, […]

Beware of Voter Deception

I have previously stated that I am not a Republican or Democrat. I am officially registered as a No Party Preference. I vote for the person or measure based on the impact the candidate or measure will have on me and my community. I would like to present my honest evaluation of the candidates and […]