We fully understand why the Governor wants to help Californians impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But, creating a rebuttable presumption shifts the burden to businesses who are struggling to keep their workers employed while also keeping their doors open. 

The Governor’s Executive Order opens up employers to significant abuse from employees. What’s to stop an employee who may have contracted COVID-19 as a consequence of congregating in public spaces, such as the beach, from receiving these benefits? Businesses already having a hard time making their payrolls will have to look at paying huge amounts in legal fees to pay for litigation. 

We are facing a major economic crisis and we need to be looking at recovery and helping these businesses reopen. The viability of our businesses will be instrumental in ensuring the Californian economy can fully recover from this crisis.  

This Executive Order is going to take us 10 steps back instead of moving us forward. Businesses should be focused on opening their doors again – not worried about new rules and regulations they’ll need to be in compliance with once they reopen.   

(Editor’s note: taken from a press release)