People are getting restless and compliance with directives given by elected officials are wearing thin on law-abiding members of a once FREE and Liberated American Society.

We have all witnessed the recent changing attitudes of our family members, neighbors and friends.  The attitude that Enough is Enough with the government lockdown that makes us all feel like a prisoner at your own residence.  

Your savings is evaporating and your scheduled income from your job to support you and your family is now generated by a government stimulus packages and unemployment checks.  All other sources of your monthly income have stopped and your family is climbing the walls like a prisoner trying to escape incarceration.   The rent is due along with the car payment and the credit card charges.  You now have to wear a mask when in public and wait in line to go to those few essential stores that may be open for business with restricted hours.  Places like the market, hardware store and my favorite place to shop, COSTCO.  Can you say 30 rolls of Kirkland Bath Tissue with 425 sheets per roll for only $16.99!  I would never had imagined that there would be a run on T.P. and other “essentials” in my lifetime.  As we all know, paper products are in high demand and sell out fast.      

We are all feeling and living with the lack of Liberty and Freedom we once took for granted.  Living in America there was never a thought in my lifetime,  and I am sure yours as well,  that our way of life would be drastically changed so much by a World-Wide Pandemic and the stroke of a pen by elected officials we voted for to provide us with a Quality of Life and the pursuit of Happiness.

As we enter the first part of May, there is some light at the end of the Pandemic lockdown across America and in California and cities like Los Angeles.  38 States, many Cities and counties across our land are starting to open slowly to some form of normalcy.  While there will be stages like short steps to the full opening, recovery is not that far away considering what we have all experienced.  Some locations in Southern California are moving faster than others.  At any rate, it appears the movement is being talked about and the baby steps to opening have begun.

While we will all be wearing masks in public and soon on airplanes and other places we must all conform to the safety standard to keep us safe and able to avoid the deadly Covid-19 illness that is still taking innocent lives around the world.   

Were you one of the lucky ones to buy a gun and bullets to protect yourself and your family? 

I know there are many 2nd Amendment believers in America that respect the ownership of a gun.  

A few days before the Coronavirus lockdown, there were lines of people trying to purchase a gun.  Some were able to obtain the protection.  The reason I bring this subject up is the fact the Props 47, 57 and measure 109 have given the criminal element more rights and abilities to take advantage of the good people in California.  

Now a new twist to the ability of the criminal element to commit a crime and remain on the streets and out of jail.  NO BAIL and NO JAIL after arrest for many criminal charges.  Not only are criminals not being placed in jail after they are arrested for a crime, they are being released on a promise to appear in court!  The L.A. County Sheriff has released hundreds of inmates currently serving time.  As this trend continues crime will increase and we are all potential victims.  

Watch your surroundings and be careful.