Odds & Ends – February 17. 2009

Some Odds and Ends from the past week:

One step closer to Football in LA and other Odds and Ends

It’s beginning to look like an NFL return to Los Angeles within the next two years is but a formality as the City of Industry Planning Commission has approved developer Ed Roski’s plan for a privately financed stadium and retail complex. The plan is now set to go before the Industry City Council in two weeks, where it will likely be approved. I wrote in greater detail about the project and its likelyhood of success this past June — CA will benefit overall as Roski and NFL move toward LA Stadium deal.

In related news – Citizens Against the Stadium, a group formed in opposition to the project in the neighboring City of Walnut, has initiated recalls of the city’s newly sworn in Mayor and a City Councilwoman for not publicly opposing the stadium project. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit crazy to see people opposed to a private investment likely in excess of a billion dollars into their local economy, particularly during a recession?

Some other odds and ends from the past week:

Odds & Ends – January 19, 2009

Some odds and ends from the past week:

We can’t find anyone from California to fix computers? Seriously?

The Bee reported yesterday that the state has terminated its 2006 contract, with a going rate of $69 million, for the modernization of the state’s payroll and personnel computers. $25 million of the contract was already fulfilled at the time of termination.

It’s clearly a good thing to see the state hold a vendor accountable for not doing their job properly. The part that gets me is the company in question, BearingPoint, is based in Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for interstate commerce and saving money by going to a low bid, but could we seriously not find one company in California, the technology capitol of the world, to handle modernizing our state’s aging computer systems?

The performance of the Virginia firm was clearly deficient given the recent ‘computer troubles‘ we’ve seen from payroll and personnel, but performance aside, the state should not be sending $69 million out of the California economy when that same investment can be made within our own state, particularly within these troubling economic times.

Odds & Ends – November 17, 2008

Here are some odds and ends from the past week:

  • Fox&Hounds Editor Joel Fox is quoted in Debra Saunders’ column on the state budget.
  • FlashReport speculaates about California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring making a possible push for RNC Chairman: Is Ron Nehring Going National?.
  • The Hill reports that Governor Schwarzenegger is ready to help President-elect Obama, but thus far is denying that he will accept a cabinet position in an Obama administration.
  • An article in the Wall Street Journal tells of a Republican effort to challenge aspects of McCain-Feingold, and speculates on how that legislation may have ironically hurt Senator McCain’s campaign.

CA Treasurer Bill Lockyer backs Redistricting Measure

After gaining mention yesterday by announcing his opposition to the lottery proposal in this year’s budget deal (first reported here on F&H by Joel Fox), CA State Treasurer Bill Lockyer made waves earlier today by announcing his support of Proposition 11, the Schwarzenegger-backed redistricting measure.

Lockyer spokesman Tom Dressler is quoted by Capitol Alert as saying, "allowing the Legislature to set its own district boundaries presents an untenable conflict of interest, and on that principle he supports Prop. 11."

Although the measure has gained the backing of a handful of Democrats, most notably Governor Gray Davis and former State Controller Steve Westly (who blogged about his support for the measure here on Fox&Hounds in June), Lockyer has become the first statewide elected Democrat to endorse the measure.

Endorsement Grid Updates

The Fox&Hounds Ballot Endorsement Grid was updated this morning to include ballot positions sent in by the California Libertarian Party and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Ballot positions published by several major California newspapers have also been added.

UPDATE: We were informed yesterday evening that some positions we had listed as being taken by Lt. Governor Garamendi were in error. The Endorsement Grid has been updated to reflect the correct positions with our apologies to the Lt. Governor.