During Net Neutrality “Pause,” Lawmakers Should Think Twice and Repeal Misguided Law

On Friday, Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to temporarily delay implementation of California’s so-called “net neutrality” law while a federal lawsuit moves forward in the courts. California lawmakers would be wise to seize the opportunity from this time out to repeal this misguided state law. Sacramento acted […]

Will California Residents Begin Paying North Dakota Taxes Too?

A Supreme Court case to be decided by the end of June could require California residents to pay taxes to a variety states, counties, cities and even mosquito abatement districts across the country. South Dakota v. Wayfair is a case that asks whether there are limits on state taxing authority or whether such authority to tax […]

What’s Next for Net Neutrality in California?

Early last year, several states, including California, began to consider various forms of online privacy legislation. Most of these efforts failed, including in the Golden State, in part because such moves would have actually placed citizen’s privacy at greater jeopardy. But with the recent vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) bad ideas are again […]