Prop. 46 Will Increase Abusive Medical Lawsuits

Lawsuit abuse penetrates every level of society, perhaps nowhere more so than in the medical profession. The upcoming November election in California presents voters with a clear choice if they want to keep a tenuous lid on an explosion of costs associated with medical lawsuit abuse – vote NO on Proposition 46.  Voting down this […]

Is Medicaid Better than no Coverage at All?

Most credible sources agree that health care requires some statutory and regulatory framework to protect the public.  Supporters of the President’s health care law believe we need an extraordinary amount of oversight, while those opposed to federal further expansion into health care remain skeptical at best. But at the end of the day, there should […]

Read My Lips……”You Will Keep Your Doctor”

Lost in all of the political back and forth over the President’s Health Care Law is a critically important fact – 85% of Americans were basically happy with their doctors and their health care plans. They had other concerns for sure, but they did not want to lose their doctors or their plans in the […]

GOP Should Follow The Obama Playbook on Health Care

President Obama’s recent decision to delay one piece of his ACA -the requirement that some businesses provide health insurance for their employees – provides a reprieve for some employers, a possible setback for the Law’s proponents and a temporary political victory for others.  However, the lesson the GOP should learn from this decision is quite […]

Direct Pay Medical Care: It’s Back to Basics

It was not that long ago, as late as the 1960’s in fact, when third party payers – insurance companies and the government – did not play such a large role in the American health care system.  In those days, a majority of patients paid their doctors directly for primary health services while relying on […]

Unraveling More Obamacare Myths: Costs Going Up Not Down

“The average American family will see $2500 dollars per year in savings as a result of the ACA,” proclaimed the President as he campaigned for its passage.  As much as he tried to hide the fact that the IRS would be the primary governmental body charged with enforcement of the ACA, he consistently touted his […]

Obamacare Myths Unravel—Ask California Dentists

A myth is defined as “ a legendary story, told over the years, usually concerning some being, hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation.” Such as it is with the Myth of Obamacare; the President and the Congressional Democrat Majority began their mythological narrative early in 2009 claiming […]

Could Failed Chicago Olympic Bid Bring Gold to Los Angeles?

We may never know the real reasons for Barack Obama’s failure to bring home the gold for Chicago – poor lobbying, anti-Americanism, inadequate venues, or the never-ending drumbeat of let’s blame Bush. The above notwithstanding, few can argue that the issue of geography played a large role. South America had never hosted the Games, Europe will host in 2012, Asia hosted in 2008 and North America has hosted most frequently of all in the past 50 years.

Everything else being equal, it made sense to send the games to a highly competitive attractive South American city such as Rio. Score one for Brazil, 0 for the United States.

Had Chicago won its bid to host the games in 2016, Los Angeles would not have had a legitimate shot in most of our lifetimes. Seriously, if the IOC already thinks the US has hosted too many games in recent years, does anyone really think LA would get to host the games anytime in the early 21st Century had Chicago won the bid?