Shale 2.0 – California is Missing Out on Transforming the State 

Hardline energy policies against fossil fuel exploration and production (E&P) originating from Sacramento are causing California citizens and taxpayers to miss the boom coming from United States (US) shale production taking place in Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Colorado that has forced OPEC to raise crude supply forecasts for 2018. California could use this economic growth […]

How Should the California Republican Party Respond to Steve Bannon

California doesn’t have any easy races for Republicans to win. So the question becomes: is it better to have a Representative who somewhat votes Republican or to be a purist? The challenge as presented by Steve Bannon’s fiery, populist speech at the recent California Republican Party (CPR) convention should give pause to Republicans across California. […]

The Cautious British Example When It Comes to Electric Vehicles

It has become raison d’être that electric vehicles (EV) will keep increasing in use without considering serious factors that could hamper their growth. The British electrical grid example and the growth of EVs should bring pause to California consumers, investors, Governor Brown and the Legislature promoting there unconstrained usage. According to the British National Grid, “the […]

The California Republican Party is at a Crossroads 

The California Republican Party (CRP) is in worse shape than the national party, because they believe leaders like Rocky Chavez are the future of the party who said this after voting for the crony-filled Cap-and-Trade gas tax: “You’re right, we’re a very small component of the world on this (only 1% of global greenhouse emissions come from California), […]

What Will It Take For California Voters To Change Their Minds?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s famous book, The Tipping Point his central thesis is how events collate together to form a “tipping point,” that changes individuals, companies, governments and society. Has California reached a tipping point? Seemingly it has, then why do voters keep electing the same Democrats, and allow the Republican Party to fade away into oblivion? Moreover, apathetic voters don’t […]

There’s No Other Choice for California – America Has to Lead The World 

Syria has become the disaster for a generation and Iran wants to lord over the Middle East along with anywhere else it can get its grips into a region or government by whatever means necessary. In Eastern Europe a resurgent Russia continues seizing Ukraine and Putin still believes the downfall of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster […]

The Disaster of Believing in 100% Renewable Energy 

Senate Bill 584 (SB584) the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, introduced by State Senator Kevin De Leon would reformulate the calculations for how much energy California would receive from renewables while eliminating fossil fuels. Senator De Leon wants to amend Section 399.11 of the Public Utilities Code relating to energy that currently states by December 31, […]

How Iran and North Korea Could Wreck California’s Energy Dependent Economy 

It’s difficult to ascertain what non-OPEC, and even some OPEC members will do about future supply cuts and how this will affect the California economy. According to energy trader Martin Tiller, “90% compliance is a good sign for OPEC, but Venezuela, UAE and Iraq aren’t following commitments.” Contrary signals are also coming from Nigeria and particularly Libya. […]

Why California’s Finances Could Derail Their Energy Plans

According to State Senator John Moorlach (R – Costa Mesa) California has real financial problems that need to be immediately addressed. A self-described Truman Democrat, Joel Kotkin, in a recent syndicated article echoes the same sentiments. Some of the problems are California has the highest taxes overall in the nation, worst roads, underperforming schools, and the recent […]

How to Improve California’s Growth

California has problems that could lead to economic failings and if that happens there will be no help from Washington. But there are things California can do to encourage economic growth, the state’s saving grace. Unfortunately Senator Harry Reid and President Obama endowed the modern presidency with unforeseen powers. Trump now has a pen and […]